Building & Improvements

Building & Improvements Approval:

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) must approve any exterior improvements to your home or property before work may be started.  It is the responsibility of each owner to submit plans for any improvement to the ACC for review at the time of submission of the plans. Plans must be approved in writing by the ACC prior to commencing construction.

“Improvement” is defined as any addition or change to the existing property.  Everything is covered from home additions, to sidewalks, replacement or treatment of fences, landscaping, lawn sculptures, pool, patios, decks, flagpoles, basketball goals, athletic equipment, radio/TV antennae, satellite dishes, backyard sheds, gazebos, playscapes, swing sets, exterior colors to home, changing of windows, etc.

For improvements, please submit (1) a copy of the official site plan (no hand-drawn or computerized replicas) of your property showing the exact location of the improvement that is being submitted. Please check your closing papers for the survey (Site Plan Example) showing the Lot with easements, setbacks and a footprint of the home, (2) list of materials, colors, screening, etc. along with the (3) Improvement Request Form included in the Oak Ridge Village website at Additional copies of the form may be obtained from the Association office or filled out on their website at (Improvement Request Form).