Parking & Traffic Control

Parking, Speed Limits & Traffic Control Signs & Signals:

The streets are public right-of-ways of the City of San Antonio and parking is permitted by anyone at any time.  Traffic and pedestrian control signs, street maintenance, and speed humps are installed and maintained by the City of San Antonio Public Works.  Call “311” to report damaged streets, sidewalks, signs, or signals.  Traffic and parking violations enforcement is the responsibility of the San Antonio Police Department.  Towing from public streets can be ordered by law enforcement only. Call Non Emergency 210-207-SAPD (7273) to report traffic parking and/or moving violations.

Looking at the complaints and comments regarding traffic and streets, it’s obvious that there is considerable concern over the congestion caused by so many cars being parked in the street.  With so many cars parked along the curb, line-of-sight is greatly reduced when it comes to seeing children playing on the sidewalk or driveway and cars backing out of driveways. Since we’re not a gated community where the streets are private, we have no authority to regulate parking in the street.  Our streets are city property and parking is regulated by state law and city ordinances. Whenever possible though, please park your cars in your garage or driveway rather than in the street. The safety of our children far outweighs any convenience that parking in the street may bring.

Below is a quick refresher course in parking laws and ordinances that come into play within Oak Ridge Village.

  • Angle parking is permitted only in approved and marked areas.  No street within Oak Ridge Village, including cul-de-sacs has been designated for angle parking. – city ordinance
  • Can’t park an oversized vehicle on a residential street.  Oversized is defined as greater than 8 feet tall, or greater than 8 feet in width, or greater than 24 feet in length including any attached trailers. – city ordinance
  • Can’t park unused cars in the street for more than 24 hours or at any time for purposes of storage, washing, greasing, repair, sale, or display of advertising signs/postures fixed to such vehicle. – city ordinance
  • Can’t park a vehicle on a sidewalk, in an intersection, or on a crosswalk. – state law
  • Can’t park within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection. – state law
  • Can’t park within 30 feet on the approach to a stop sign or yield sign. – state law
  • Can’t park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. – state law
  • Can’t park in front of a public or private driveway. – state law
  • When parallel parking on two-way street, the right-hand wheels of the vehicle must be parallel to and within 18 inches of the right-hand curb. – state law

Although the homeowners’ association doesn’t have the power to self-enforce city ordinances and state laws, homeowners can ask for the assistance of local law enforcement to do so.  Call 210-207-SAPD (7273). The license number of the vehicle must be known.  Please report speeding violators to 210-207-SAPD (7273), the HOA offices at (210) 829-7202, or the Safety Committee to relay to our community’s North S.A.F.F.E. Officer.