Utilities & Services

City Public Service (CPS) – provides electric & gas services     

• (210) 353-2222      


San Antonio Water System (SAWS) – provides water service  

• (210) 704-7297   


AT&T – provides telecom services (phone, internet, cable, satellite TV)  

• (800) 288-2020  


Spectrum – provides telecom services (phone, internet, cable)  

• (855) 243-8892   


City of San Antonio – provides all city services

• Dial 311 for assistance and list of services


CPS Energy defines placement and maintains the streetlights.  If you notice a light out, please report it to CPS at (210) 353-2222 or call the association office at (210) 829-7202 or request repairs via CPS (Streetlight Repair Form) web site.

“Residential streets are typically lighted so that a silhouette is created by anything or anyone on the road at night.  This is created by providing a street light at each intersection and sometimes at mid-block, if the block is over 600 feet in length.”

If you are interested in spearheading an initiative to get additional street lights, please volunteer and become a member of the Safety Committee or call “311” or make a request online through the City’s Web Portal.  If an additional light is warranted, you will be mailed a form (basically a petition) which neighbors can sign.  Signatures are required from all neighbors residing adjacent to the proposed location of the light.

Garbage Services:

The City of San Antonio Solid Waste Services provides garbage services.  Garbage (Brown Container) is picked up on Monday. The recyclables (Blue Container) & Leaves and Grass clippings (Green Container) are picked up on Thursday.  The City issued covered trash containers should be placed at curb side only on the mornings of the scheduled collection days.

City of San Antonio, Codes and Ordinances, Chapter 14, Section 14-10 (b) states in part:
” (b) Time for collection.


It shall be the duty of the owner, manager, tenant or occupant of any dwelling, building or premises to place all containers at the designated point of collection no earlier than 6:00 p.m. of the day preceding scheduled collection. Containers not set out in non-CBD areas by 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection or not at the point of collection when the collection crew passes may not be serviced until the next regularly scheduled collection.


It shall be the duty of the owner, manager, tenant, or occupant of any dwelling, building or premises to remove all containers from the collection point by 10:00 p.m. on the same day as the collection except where such containers may be stored in alleys designated for collection. Containers not removed shall be declared a public nuisance and may be removed by the city.

For more information on Dial-A-Trailer, Brush Collection, Recycling Options, Grasscycling, call the City’s Customer Service number “311” or visit the City’s web site at www.sanantonio.gov/swmd/.

Leaves & Grass Clippings:

Customers of the City of San Antonio’s Solid Waster Management Department can request special collections of bagged leaves and grass clippings. Leaves and clippings must be placed in paper lawn & leaf “kraft” bags or cardboard boxes. A maximum of 50 bags will be collected per request. The first two collections are free; additional collections are $20. Call 3-1-1 to request your collection. Avoid unwanted violation letters from the HOA by notifying the Association when you plan to place your bags at curb side.

City of San Antonio, Codes and Ordinances, Chapter 34, Section 703 states:

” Placing brush cuttings, clippings, and/or rubbish into the MS4.


It shall be a violation of this division for any person to deposit, discard or dump, or cause or allow to be deposited, discarded or dumped any brush cuttings, clippings, or rubbish within the MS4.


It shall be a violation of this division for any person to place or cause or allow to be placed or dropped, brush cuttings, clippings, and/or rubbish within any street in the corporate limits of the city in such a manner that the same may be washed by the flow of water into the MS4.

Commentary: It is the intent of this section to restrict placement of rubbish, brush, lawn clippings or leaves, etc. into the MS4. It is also the intent to require that during certain seasons when leaves are shed that these materials are removed properly and prevented from collecting in mass quantities in the streets or MS4. It is recognized that from time to time during certain seasons or during normal yard maintenance, leaves, clippings, etc. will fall into the streets. ”